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I'm subclassing a StringElement in MonoTouch.Dialog. In there I can attach to the Tapped event or I can override Selected(). Both fire if I tap the element. However, Selected() is giving me access to the DialogViewController the element is a member of, where this information is not passed to the Tapped event.

What is the logic here? Is an element supposed to know its DialogViewController or not? If yes: how to get tho the controller from the Tapped event then?

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Found out myself by looking at the source on Github. The only place where Tapped event is triggered, is from Selected(). So I think Tapped should really by of type EventHandler instead of Action.

public override void Selected (DialogViewController dvc, UITableView tableView, NSIndexPath indexPath)
    if (Tapped != null)
        Tapped ();
    tableView.DeselectRow (indexPath, true);
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At the time I wrote that code, the idea was simply that with lambdas, you can pass whatever state you need to your Tapped handler, without using the object/EventArgs pattern.

So you would do something like:

var dialogViewController = CreateDvC ();
new StringElement ("....", () => { 
    // reference any variables here
    // my container is:
    Console.Writeline (dialogViewController); 
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Yet another valid option. – Krumelur Oct 18 '12 at 19:46

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