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I've just tried Android Jelly Bean, and I noticed that the LogCat has changed appearance in Eclipse. Usualy a

try {
} catch(Exception e) {
   Log.e("Tag here", e.getMessage());

Will be marked with the color red, and a

int i = 5;
int j = 5;
int k = i * j; 

Log.i("Sum is: ", Integer.toString(k)); 

will be marked with the color green.

When I develop applications for Android 4.1 in Eclipse the LogCat will just show a questionmark under the section

  1. Level
  2. Time
  3. PID
  4. Tag

And everything outputted to LogCat will be marked as a Waring(W), no matter what I'm logging out. And everything will have to color orange. This is pretty annoying when I try to locate what I outputted to LogCat.

Does anybody "suffer" from the same problem? Is there any fixes to this, if so how?

Thanks in advance!

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u should update your ADT plug-in – zetsin Oct 17 '12 at 12:05
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Update Android SDK tools and the Android-Eclipse plugin to the latest versions and the problems will go away.

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