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I have enabled Flashback archive on a table. Oracle inserts data in Flash back even if no record is changed in the table after updating a record.

For example

Update Dept set DEPTNO = '10' WHERE DEPTNO = '10';

When i use flashback query to extract all records it shows 1 record is added.

SELECT  versions_startscn, versions_starttime,
       versions_endscn, versions_endtime,
       versions_xid, versions_operation,
  FROM dept

Is there any setting for FlashBack Archive that it store only changed records.?

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Usually you'd expect no-change updates to be rare (i.e. why would a user click "Save" after making no changes?), so generally it's faster to just let Oracle save every change - otherwise you'd have to wear the extra performance cost of comparing each and every column with the previous record. –  Jeffrey Kemp Oct 18 '12 at 7:29

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