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In the heatmap.2 function in the gplots package, how can I reduce the height of the rows in the heatmap itself while increasing the height of the horizontal side bar (denoted by ColSideColors argument)?

prob_matrix=replicate(100, rnorm(20)) 
type_colors=sample(c("red","blue","cyan","pink","yellow","green"), length(ids), replace = TRUE, prob = NULL)
heatmap.2(prob_matrix, ColSideColors=type_colors,RowV=NULL,trace="none")

I would like the horizontal side bar generated by ColSideColors=subtype_colors to be increased in height, and the rows of the heatmap reduced in height.

For extension, how can I also edit the width of each column independent of the size of the width of the pdf or graphics device to which I output the plot? So, in the above, I would want to make the width of the columns of the prob_matrix heatmap greater.

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Reproducible example please? –  Spacedman Oct 17 '12 at 12:29
Great. I made a small edit, now I can cut n paste it. –  Spacedman Oct 17 '12 at 15:11

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I think its hard coded into the function. Roundabout line 196 of the heatmap.2 function there is:

if (!missing(ColSideColors)) {
            if (!is.character(ColSideColors) || length(ColSideColors) != 
                stop("'ColSideColors' must be a character vector of length ncol(x)")
            lmat <- rbind(lmat[1, ] + 1, c(NA, 1), lmat[2, ] + 
            lhei <- c(lhei[1], 0.2, lhei[2])

And that 0.2 is the height assigned to the colour bars. If you make a copy of heatmap.2 and edit it you can set that to something else. Create a new argument, ColSideHeight maybe, with default 0.2, and change that 0.2 to ColSideHeight.

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Thanks that works. How can I reduce the height of the heatmaps's rows? I've been playing around with the lmat and lhei arguments but with no success. –  oisyutat Oct 17 '12 at 16:20
Managed to do it now. Thanks. –  oisyutat Oct 17 '12 at 17:28

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