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I'm working on a wordpress, and using a plugin wordpress popular posts, and facing this issue.

How can I show a count of how many times a page has been viewed by visitors on category listing page or index page of the blog. This information is already there which is being used by plugin to display same in sidebar, not sure how can I use the same plugin data to show page view count on blog page.

I tried to find this, but didn't get exactly what I want.

Pls advise how to do this?

Plugin I use is

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There is a function called wpp_get_views provided by the plugin. If you know the ID of the post/page for which you want to show the view count, all you need to do is to call the function with that ID as the parameter. For example:

$count = wpp_get_views($post->ID); 
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post Count

This post is count in to the click in to the title & every click in to the store in to the database(postMeta table)

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Doesn't understand what you mean by this. Please explain. – Krunal Oct 17 '12 at 14:41

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