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I have a view based table view with one row containing NSPopupButtons. When the user changes the popUpButton I need to get get the table row in which this popUpButton is contained.

I first expected to get the row with

NSInteger clickedRow = [tableView rowForView: ((NSPopUpButton*) sender)];

But the sender of the action always is a NSMenuItem object not the NSPopUpButton. NSMenuItem however is not a view so I cannot use rowForView with that.

Currently my IBAction looks like this:

- (IBAction)changedPopUp:(id)sender {
    NSMenuItem* selectedMenuItem = ((NSMenuItem*) sender);
    NSPopUpButton* popupButton = (NSPopUpButton*)[selectedMenuItem view];
    NSInteger clickedRow = [tableView rowForView:popupButton];

But the view property is not set automatically and I find it quite inconvenient to set it manually for every NSMenuItem.

Is there no easy way to get the table row?

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