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how to query oracle to find me columns that contain numbers from 0-1000

I have tried queries like:

select (Column_name)  
from  (table_name) 
where regexp_like(CREDIT_BANK_BRANCH,'^[0-999]$');
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2 Answers

Use this regular expression:



Regular expressions cannot evaluate numeric expressions, so you have to treat everything as characters, so:

Find any group of numbers one to three characters long: [0-9]{1,3} or just the number 1000.

Pipe means "or" and parenthesis are necesary to limit the escope of the expression.

Shorter version:



enter image description here

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Change the regex to ^[0-9]+$ (or shorter ^\d+$) if you want only rows containing digits in that column returned.

If you want to find records with a non-digit character, then use [^0-9] (or shorter \D).

See Using Regular Expressions in Oracle Database for more details.

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i'm geting a error did you see that the number is 0-1000 i'm sorry it's new to me......if you have a query that i can find all the numbers in the column it's will be perfect. –  user1753142 Oct 17 '12 at 12:54
maybe i didn't ask the question right....i have a table inside the table i have one column that i need to query...i need to find all the rows that contain letters –  user1753142 Oct 18 '12 at 7:05
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