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Creating Localization Files for iOS

i have my iPhone company app in English language and we are international company, so how can I share my App for all translators f.e. by simulator or something else ?

f.e. translator translate the text and need view effect on iPhone, how can I do this?

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for distribution to limited audience look here : mobiledan.net/2012/03/02/… , though it won't help you much with localization –  PetrV Oct 17 '12 at 12:52

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It looks like you are searching for localization for your application.

Please follow this link:

Localization example link 1

Localization example Link 2

Link 3

Best link: Best Link...

Hope it works for you.

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You can look at incorporating the Greenwich framework into your app. I've not used it myself, but saw it demo'd at a conference recently. It will let the translators make the changes to the app that you distribute to them as an ad-hoc build and then see them running in your app.

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