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I want to use sqlite3 query like this:

select * from Log where Desc glob '*[ _.,:;!?-(){}[]<>''"]OK';

to find records which ends with OK, like
asdasda _OK
asda (OK
dasda [OK
dasda ]OK

but this fails me when i use back bracket in query...glob '*[ []]OK';

Any suggestions?

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A comment hidden in the source code says:

Globbing rules:

* Matches any sequence of zero or more characters.

? Matches exactly one character.

[...] Matches one character from the enclosed list of characters.

[^...] Matches one character not in the enclosed list.

With the [...] and [^...] matching, a ] character can be included in the list by making it the first character after [ or ^. A range of characters can be specified using -. Example: [a-z] matches any single lower-case letter. To match a -, make it the last character in the list.

So, your records can be found with ... glob '*[] _.,:;!?(){}[<>''"-]OK'.

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