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Given a java.lang.reflect.Method object, is there an easy way to obtain a hierachry of the methods it overrides. For example:

class A {
    public void someMethod() { ... }

interface B {
    public void someMethod();

class C extends A {
    public void someMethod() { ... }

class D extends C implements B {
    public void someMethod() { ... }

Given the java.lang.reflect.Method object for D#someMethod, can I easily get the tree:

 +- C#someMethod
 |   |
 |   +- A#someMethod
 +- B#someMethod

Am guessing there must be a simple way of doing this, perhaps an existing library?

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You could go through the hierarchy with the Class#getSuperClass() method and check for each of the super classes whether they have that method or not. –  assylias Oct 17 '12 at 12:50
Yup had considered that, was hoping there might be a nicer way :) –  James Kennard Oct 17 '12 at 13:16

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Ultimately did not find a useful library, so as per assylias comment simply used reflection to traverse the inheritance and build a tree (including superclasses and interfaces). I didn't build a method tree but rather a class tree which can subsequently be 'walked'.

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