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$(editor[i])[0].outerHTML has a value of:

 <p style="color: red;" data-mce-style="color: red;">some string</p>

I want data-mce-style="color: red;" to disappear.
I'm doing that like this:

$(editor[i])[0].outerHTML.replace('data-mce-style="color: red;"', '');

But it's not replacing it.

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.replace creates a new transformed string; it does not alter the original variable. You're simply creating a new string and not storing the new string back into outerHTML, like:

$(editor[i])[0].outerHTML = $(editor[i])[0].outerHTML.replace('data-mce-style="color: red;"', '');

However, this only solves your immediate problem -- there are vastly better ways to accomplish what you need than stringifying and re-parsing your <p> element. Since you're using jQuery, the most obvious way would be to use the removeAttr method:

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This is the right answer to the OP question i think. –  A. Wolff Oct 17 '12 at 13:12




Of course this will apply to all elements in your selector. If you just want to apply this to element 0 then use:

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element.setAttribute(attr, null) or element.removeAttribute

No need for outerHTML and replace. Note that replacing HTML will remove event listeners (other than attribute event handlers).

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Try to use jQuery removeData():

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you need to change/remove a particular attribute , for that you need to use


for more info check the following links: http://api.jquery.com/removeAttr/

if you need to change the value of a particular attribute then do:

attr( attributeName , value  );

for more info about the same check the following link: http://api.jquery.com/attr/

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