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hi guys I have a method called manageui which display a waiting view for a while and when the times out it's display UIAlertView which display a message for try again My problem is that i can't hide the UIAlertView before calling manageui called

here is my code :

    double Currenttime=0;
    double ptime=Currenttime+5000;
     NSLog(@"fire /n");

        //add condition for found session
        if (Currenttime<ptime)
            NSLog(@"inside if");
            [spinner setHidden:NO];
            [alert setHidden:YES];

            alert = [[UIAlertView alloc] initWithTitle:@"Oops:(" 
                                                            message:@"No device found \n Make sure bluetooth is activated and the devices are within range." 
                                                  cancelButtonTitle:@"Tap to retry"

         [spinner setHidden:YES];
            [alert show];


    } while (Currenttime < ptime+1 &&[_matchmakingClient availableServerCount]==0);

the delegate for alertview is :

 - (void)alertView:(UIAlertView *)alertView clickedButtonAtIndex:(NSInteger)buttonIndex

    [alertView dismissWithClickedButtonIndex:1 animated:true];
    [spinner setHidden:NO];

    [self mangeui];
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Follow the standard naming conventions in the code for better understandability – Lithu T.V Oct 17 '12 at 13:13
Hmm ? What are you trying to achieve? – Lithu T.V Oct 17 '12 at 13:14
I am trying to hide the alertview when ever i it's go to clickButtonAtindex and then call manageui is it clear? – Mohammed Oct 17 '12 at 13:16

Try this:

[alertView dismissWithClickedButtonIndex:0 animated:YES];

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Well I think you didn't understand the concept of delegates

here in docs it says alertView:clickedButtonAtIndex:

The receiver is automatically dismissed after this method is invoked.

yeah there is no need to declare separately to dismiss the alert view.The method is called whenever a button in alertview is pressed and the alertview disappears

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so how can i call my method inside the clickedButtonAtIndex and hide this alert – Mohammed Oct 17 '12 at 13:37
ok but it disappeared when it's finish the whole method which is in my case have while for some seconds there for the alert still on the screen I want a way to hide the alert before I call manageui function (when ever it enter it's own declaration) – Mohammed Oct 18 '12 at 7:53

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