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I have a customer parser which looks like this:

Namespace = "http://mysite/schema/cache",
SchemaLocationAssemblyHint = typeof(CacheNamespaceParser ),
SchemaLocation = "/cache.xsd"
public class CacheNamespaceParser : NamespaceParserSupport
public override void Init()
RegisterObjectDefinitionParser("cache", new CacheParser ());

public class CacheParser : AbstractSimpleObjectDefinitionParser

protected override Type GetObjectType(XmlElement element)
return typeof(CacheDefinition);

protected override void DoParse(XmlElement element, ObjectDefinitionBuilder builder)


protected override bool ShouldGenerateIdAsFallback
get { return true; }

in the web config i have the following configuration....

<parser type="Spring.Data.Config.DatabaseNamespaceParser, Spring.Data"/>
<parser type="App.Web.CacheNamespaceParser, WebApp" />

When I run the project I get the following error:

An error occurred creating the configuration section handler for spring/parsers: Invalid resource name. Name has to be in 'assembly:<assemblyName>/<namespace>/<resourceName>' format.

I put a break point in the CacheNamespaceParser init method and it is called.

If I remove from the web config all is well!

Any ideas whats wrong

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It appears that this exception is coming from the Spring.Core.IO AssemblyResource constructor. Is this related to the attribute: NamespaceParser( Namespace = "mysite/schema/cache";, SchemaLocationAssemblyHint = typeof(CacheNamespaceParser ), SchemaLocation = "/cache.xsd" ) ? – iasksillyquestions Aug 18 '09 at 12:36
The resourceName passed to the above constructor assembly://WebApp, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null/cache.xsd" string I seem to have resource name, an assembly name but no namespace name... – iasksillyquestions Aug 18 '09 at 14:59

Its look like attributes parameter SchemaLocation is wrong. Try something like this:

Namespace = "http://mysite/schema/cache",
SchemaLocationAssemblyHint = typeof(CacheNamespaceParser ),
SchemaLocation = "/YOUR_ASEMBLY_NAME/cache.xsd")]

It have to work if your cache.xsd is in the root of assembly.

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