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I am trying to read command line arguments in bash but I have problems to read on the 10th column Here is my sample script:

an=$2  mn=$4  dy=$6  der=$8  new=$10  sec=(${12} ${13})
echo $an $mn  $dy   $der  $new  $sec 

I have run the above script "test.sh" as

./test.sh -yr cat  -mn Jan  -dy  tuesday  -der tt  -new car -sec 001 001

The output is:

cat Jan tuesday tt -yr0 001

But for variable $new ($10) the answer should have been car but I get -yr0

Any idea why ?


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You should probably consider using getopt(s) –  Stephen Garle Oct 17 '12 at 13:42

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Here is the fix:

an=$2  mn=$4  dy=$6  der=$8  new=${10}  sec="${12} ${13}"
echo $an $mn  $dy   $der  $new  $sec 
  1. Instead of $10, which is "$1" with 0 appended, use ${10}
  2. sec="..." instead of using parentheses, unless you meant to use array
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new=$10 is giving you $1 (i.e 'yr') appended with 0. You need some braces : ${10}

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