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class A {
    private TypeA a;
    Private TypeB b;
    Private TypeZ z;


   public add(Object o) {

   public testMethod() {

       /** here instead of calling add(a), add(b), add(c) one by one, I want to use reflection.
       **  something like:
       **  foreach(Field f : getDeclaredFields()) {
       **    add(f.getTheObjectReference());    <-- I made this method "getTheObjectReference" up
       **  }

so in this example, I can use getDeclaredFields get all the fields Field[a-z], but once I have the Field object, how do I convert that to the actual object reference? there is no method from Field class called "getTheObjectReference". Any ideas?

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Are you trying to use

for(Field field : getClass().getDeclaredFields()) {
    Object o = field.get(this);
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If you're trying to get the field values for the "current" instance (the instance your testMethod() method was called on), you just want to call Field.get with this as the target:

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What you are trying to do is impossible because the Field instance refers to a generic class method, not a specific class instance method!

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