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is there any way to change Oracle Apex region with dynamic action. I mean when i click a button, i execute dynamic action to change column order of a region or to change grid column width of a region. Lets say i have two region : regionA and RegionB. What i need to do is place RegionA side by side (not in a new row), so i have to place it in column order column1 and column 2, but then i need to hide RegionA and display RegionB in full screen, so the only way is dynamically change regionB to column 1 because i dont want regionB display in half of the screen.

Any clue would be appreciate. Thanx.

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Personnaly, I never use columns in Oracle Apex. I had too much problem with it in last releases (especially 3.2)... I was forced to build a new custom template with custom region positions (because at the time apex was using <table> elements for the page layout... I used only <div> elements + CSS).

In your case, if you need region A and region B side by side, I would create the two regions in the same region position and same column, and then simply apply float:left to the two regions (add style="float:left" in the region attributes).

So when you will hide one of them, the other one will fill the page width (you may need some more CSS of course).

Then give a static id to the two regions, then from JavaScript/Jquery you can show/hide them easily using $('#your_region_id').hide(); and $('#your_region_id').show();.

I use it a lot and it works like a charm.

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thanx alot @Yann39 –  syant Oct 18 '12 at 14:14
what about the column size? how to change it dynamically? –  syant Oct 23 '12 at 21:56
You are using columns finally ? If yes simply use Column Attributes to set a width. But I repeat for me the best way is to create two regions that are using a <div> based template. Then set region 1 attributes to float:left;width:50%; and region 2 to float:right;width:50%;. Change width to your needs, and of course you can easily change it dynamically using JavaScript/Jquery. For me it does the job :) –  Yann39 Oct 24 '12 at 12:05

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