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Currently a script is used to copy files using rsync (version 2.6.9 protocol version 29) from Linux/Unix servers to W2K3 server using very basic command such as "rsync -v source_server::share_name/file_name /cygdrive///file_name"

The script further makes copy of this downloaded file for other purposes.

This is part of a larger middleware that is being moved to new hardware on W2K8R2

Second part of making copy of the file does not work using more recent rsync client version 3.0.7 protocol version 30 (shows up as cwRsync in add/remove programs)

Reason being rsync assigns special permissions to file that includes deny. The user (service account) which downloads the file is in local admin group. The file can be copied elsewhere using rsync. It can be deleted. But cannot be opened or copied locally by same user as deny permission supersedes.

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Check cwRsync FAQ Permissions on files/directories are cluttered/mixed up ! for a possible workaround

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Already found above link when searching. Seems the link helps when files are being pulled to Unix/Linux environment. In my case, I'm pulling file to W2K8R2. –  user773478 Oct 17 '12 at 21:00

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