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I'm not a strong ASP Classic developer, but I am tasked with supporting this application at work, well I've been trying to convert an RSS feed date to a short date format. And I cannot seem to find a solution.

I have this format:

Wed, 10 Jun 2009 12:46:13 +0000

and I need to get it into this format:


So far I have been tinkering with this RSS feed script for ASP:

' change the RSSURL variable to the exact URL of the RSS Feed you want to pull
RSSURL = "{url to rss feed}"

Dim objHTTP ' this object is used to call the RSS Feed remotely
Dim RSSURL,RSSFeed ' these variables hold the URL and Content for the RSS Feed
Dim xmlRSSFeed ' this variable hold the XML data in a DOM Object
Dim objItems,objItem, objChild ' these variables are used to temporarily hold data from the various RSS Items
Dim title,description,link '  these are local variables that will hold the data to be displayed
Dim pubDate 
Dim RSSOutput ' variable will hold the HTML that was converted from the RSS Feed

' this code requests the raw RSS/XML and saves the response as a string <RSSFeed>
Set objHTTP = Server.CreateObject("Msxml2.ServerXMLHTTP")
objHTTP.open "GET",RSSURL,false
RSSFeed = objHTTP.responseText

' this code takes the raw RSSFeed and loads it into an XML Object
Set xmlRSSFeed = Server.CreateObject("MSXML2.DomDocument.4.0")
xmlRSSFeed.async = false

' this code disposes of the object we called the feed with
Set objHTTP = Nothing

' this is where you determine how to display the content from the RSS Feed

' this code grabs all the "items" in the RSS Feed
Set objItems = xmlRSSFeed.getElementsByTagName("item")

' this code disposes of the XML object that contained the entire feed
Set xmlRSSFeed = Nothing

' loop over all the items in the RSS Feed
For x = 0 to 3
	' this code places the content from the various RSS nodes into local variables
	Set objItem = objItems.item(x)
	For Each objChild in objItem.childNodes
		Select Case LCase(objChild.nodeName)
			Case "title"
				  title = objChild.text
			Case "link"
				  link = objChild.text
			Case "description"
				  description = objChild.text
			Case "pubdate"
				  pubDate = objChild.text
		End Select
	' Format display output
	RSSOutput = RSSOutput & "<tr><td valign='top' style='width:75px; height: 34px;' class='addresstext2'><b>"& pubDate &"</b></td><td valign='top'><a class=ccc href=""" & link & """>" & title & "</a></td></tr>"		



As I get pubDate from the RSS, I believe it is a string, and when I try to CDate it, I get a Type mismatch, I have also tried Format() and same deal. Can anyone suggest a method to format this date to what I need?


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Rss uses the format specified in RFC822.

I found a function in this thread:

function parseRSSDate(sRSSDate)
'   take RFC822-formatted date string and return VBScript date object
'   ie: "Fri, 13 Jun 2008 16:33:50 GMT"	

dim sDay, sMonthName, sMonthNum, sYear, sHour, sMinute, sSecond
dim oRE, oMatches, oMatch
dim sDate, oDate

set oRE = new regexp
	oRE.IgnoreCase	= True
	oRE.Global		= True
	oRE.Pattern		= "^([A-Za-z]{3}),\s([0-9]{1,2})\s([A-Za-z]{3})\s([0-9]{4})\s([0-9]{2}):([0-9]{2}):([0-9]{2})"
	set oMatches = oRE.Execute(sRSSDate)
		if oMatches.count > 0 then
			set oMatch = oMatches(0)
				sDay		= oMatch.SubMatches(1)
				sMonthName	= oMatch.SubMatches(2)
				sMonthNum	= monthVal(sMonthName)
				sYear		= oMatch.SubMatches(3)
				sHour		= oMatch.SubMatches(4)
				sMinute		= oMatch.SubMatches(5)
				sSecond		= oMatch.SubMatches(6)
				sDate = sMonthNum & "/" & sDay & "/" & sYear
				oDate = cDate(sDate)
			set oMatch = nothing
		end if
	set oMatches = nothing
set oRE = nothing
parseRSSDate = oDate
end function

it also calls a function called monthVal, which just returns a number for a month name:


function monthVal(sMonthName)
' return month number (1-12) from month name
dim rv
dim aMonths : aMonths = Array("Jan","Feb","Mar","Apr","May","Jun","Jul","Aug","Sep","Oct","Nov","Dec")
for i = 0 to uBound(aMonths)
	if sMonthName = aMonths(i) then rv = i+1
monthVal = rv
end function
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Awesome, that was quick! Thank you, I can't believe I missed that there, I couldn't find any results for RSSDate format, etc via google. –  Jakub Aug 18 '09 at 12:57
No problem. I knew the rss date format was RFC822 so I searched for that in combination with vbscript and/or asp parse. –  Espo Aug 18 '09 at 12:58

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