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I'm trying to get the voting API working, but I get the error .error.USER_REQUIRED. Can't figure out why, but I assume I must either be sending the modhash or the session cookie the wrong way, as the login goes trough fine

My code looks something like this:

UP = {'user': username, 'passwd': password, 'api_type': 'json',}

client = requests.session()

r ='', data=UP)

j = json.loads(r.text)

mymodhash = j['json']['data']['modhash']

url = ''
postdata = {'id': thing, 'dir': newdir, 'uh': mymodhash}
vote =, data=json.dumps(newdata))


{"jquery": [[0, 1, "refresh", []], [0, 2, "attr", "find"], [2, 3, "call", [".error.USER_REQUIRED"]], [3, 4, "attr", "show"], [4, 5, "call", []], [5, 6, "attr", "text"], [6, 7, "call", ["please login to do that"]], [7, 8, "attr", "end"], [8, 9, "call", []]]}
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To login you should post to so that you are not posting your credentials in plain-text. Also, you should set a User-Agent.

The below is a working example to vote on your /r/redditdev submission.

import requests
# Login                                                                                                
client = requests.session(headers={'User-Agent': 'Requests test'})
data = {'user': 'USERNAME', 'passwd': 'PASSWORD', 'api_type': 'json'}
r ='', data=data)
modhash = r.json['json']['data']['modhash']

# Vote                                                                                                 
data = {'id': 't3_11mr32', 'dir': '1', 'uh': modhash, 'api_type': 'json'}
r ='', data=data)
print r.status_code  # Should be 200                                                                   
print r.json  # Should be {}

Also, unless you are really interested in how reddit's API works under the covers, I suggest you use PRAW.

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You can use session object with with statement.

import requests

UP = {'user': username, 'passwd': password, 'api_type': 'json'}
url_prefix = ""
with requests.session() as client: + '/login', data=UP)

    <...something else what you want...>
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I've tried that now, still not accepting the login. I've also tried getting the modhash from, still refuses. I figure I must misunderstand how the modhash works, maybe it changes because of the way i request the URL's. Might also be the cookie I guess. – scandinavian_ Oct 17 '12 at 14:46

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