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I am trying to use a controller and action to do a simple check to see if a user account with that email address exists or not.

The controller's action looks like this:

def checkEmail
    email = params["email"]
    if Account.find_by_email(email).blank?
      render :inline=>"true"
      render :inline=>"false"

And to test this action, I can go to:


When I do so, I can see in the Ruby console the following being queried:

Parameters: {"email"=>"email@website"}
  Account Load (0.0ms)  SELECT `accounts`.* FROM `accounts` WHERE `accounts`.`email` = 'email@website' LIMIT 1

You can see that the TLD of the email address has been cropped off.

However, when I go to:


I get a routing error:

No route matches [GET] "/home/checkEmail/email@website.co.uk"

My routes.rb file looks like this:

Gallery::Application.routes.draw do

  #Match home URL
  match 'home(/:file)' => "home#index"
  match 'home/checkUser/:username' => "home#checkUser"
  match 'home/checkEmail/:email' => "home#checkEmail"

  root :to=> "home#index"
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Yeah, the default behavior in Rails is to treat a dot (.) in a route as a format specifier, instead of part of the parameter. In order to match the dot as part of the parameter, specify the route like this:

match "/home/checkEmail/:email" => "home#checkEmail", :constraints => { :email=> /[^\/]*/ }

Here's a post that describes the problem and the fix: http://coding-journal.com/rails-3-routing-parameters-with-dots/

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Thank you. You forgot to change ":search" to ":email" in the parameters but after that, it worked flawlessly! –  Stefan Dunn Oct 17 '12 at 14:29
@StefanDunn Whoops, nice catch. ty. –  MrTheWalrus Oct 17 '12 at 14:31

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