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I am using [dom4j]1 and [XPath]2 in order to traverse an XML.

Assume I have in hand a Node which has children nodes, each of which has the same tag name. e.g. (refer to the b node):


I tried to use selectNodes("//b") but it returns all of the nodes within the document which their open tag is b.

How can I traverse only the children nodes of a specific node, where all the children nodes have the same tag name (e.g. b).

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The . is the current node in XPath.

Note that // is short for the descendant:: axis. It will also select nested nodes.

You speak of children, which is not the same thing. Use


to select child nodes.

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you could use like this


and a can be your specific node.

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Try selectNodes("a//b") if you want all <b> elements, no matter if they are children or children of children. If you want only the <b> elements that are children of <a> use selectNodes("a/b").

If you know that node <a> will be a child of the root node, you can add a / in front to denote that you're only selecting children of the root node like so: selectNodes("/a//b")

See the xpath syntax for more information

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