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We are using ASP.NET Web API where we have a REST based service with JSON for the payload. If I pass the following Date as a string e.g

sampleObj: {
myDate: "31/12/2011 00:00:00",

as an attribute value in the JSON payload, the date attribute gets deserialised into a DateTime.MinValue. Is the string format valid?

We know the format "2012-10-17 07:45:00" serialises successfully but we cannot guarantee that all dates received will be in this format. What are the valid options?

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In ASP.NET Web API, you can add different Json.NET DateTimeConverters through the JsonFormatter's SerializerSettings to make your service understand different DateTime format.

However, I do not think there is a default DateTimeConverter from Json.NET that takes in this format "31/12/2011 00:00:00". In this case you implement your custom DateTimeConverter.


             new IsoDateTimeConverter());
             new MyDateTimeConverter());

Custom DateTimeConverter:

public class MyDateTimeConverter : DateTimeConverterBase

For more information about how to write a custom DateTimeConverter, I found something on stackoverflow that you might find useful: How to create a Date to String custom Converter.

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Thanks for that help. We will not be creating a custom date time converter, I just wanted to confirm that the format was not acceptable by Json.NET by default. – bstack Oct 18 '12 at 8:05
U saved my time. thanks – Anish Karunakaran Feb 20 '14 at 8:06

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