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I have an entity (Request) which is partitioned by userId. For each userId, I will have an index, right?

However, I would like to quickly search the request by userId. Is there a simple way to do that? Or I will need to choose another field to create the partition?

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Sorry, I meant find all the requests related to that userId. – mvallebr Oct 17 '12 at 14:33
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You can partition TWO ways if you like. Let's say you do this

public class Request {
    private String uniqueId;

    private User user;

    private LocalDate beginningOfEachMonth;

You can have private String userId instead of User if you like ;).

Now, you can query into a time partition using the beginning of the month as a key and just do a query OR you can query into a user partition using user as the key.

Your named query IF you partition by two things would be...

query="PARTITIONS("user", :user) SELECT r FROM TABLE as r"

If you only partition your table by users, you can write

query="PARTITIONS(:user) SELECT r FROM TABLE as r"

NOTE: The only reason you sometimes need to index the primary key like I have is for a range query on the primary key....for an equals query where pk= some value, you don't need an index obviously since you can look up by the primary key itself.


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