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I have used a form that is made in iframe through third party js file. the reason behind using that thing are record the information through them.

I have put the script tag in my html and see the generated iframe which make a form shown on my page.

the form come inside the iframe. Now I am guessing how I can record the url which this browser redirect after submission.

  1. use the iframe's form's action value

  2. check the url which the form make redirect the whole page after submission. (remember form is submitted in iframe and I can't attache the event because of iframe).

I just try to figure out the way then I can send the ajax request to my own server to record the url before they leave my site and move to redirected url (after submission).

I uses script tag that make iframe. because Iframe generated from third party tool so I have no control on them. Do someone know if their any event I can attache to the iframe.

something like

<iframe beforeleave="javascript:record()" afterleave="javascript:record new url"></iframe>

I have a html page where I used a iframe that is generated through the script tag that linked the javascript source from another site.

Now I want to record the url that has my browser redirect to after user submit the forms. Can someone help me. I thing I have write this question or edit it many time but it's not make sense to people what I am looking for.

Do someone help my by edit this question.

in my html page I have used a simple script tag that fetch script from another side. The script generate html form om page and form is come inside Iframe.

Remember form is inside iframe so I can't make event like button click on iframe >form > submit button => click event.

I want to know which url my page redirect on. The page is fully redirect to another site instead of (partial).

I want to write a function that will send a ajax request to my site with information which url has been my page redirected to.

The code I thing (suppose) look like this.

Windows.onRedirect =function(){
var url = windows.location.href;
// remember the url I want here is the new url that my page goes redirect to.

it's OK if I got the location of action="?" of the form written on my form (the form is in iframe as I told you first).

so I need that how to know the redirected url or the form action value that has been written in iframe.

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This question has been closed because it's difficult to undertand what you're asking. It may be reopened if you edit it into a more clear question. Some code examples would help, too. –  bfavaretto Oct 17 '12 at 14:41
@bfavaretto Can you check it now. I just want to know the url which my browser redirect to –  user17182377182122092121021929 Oct 17 '12 at 14:48
I'm still not sure if I understand (I saw the part you added and someone else removed, I'll add it back for you). BUT it seems you want something that's not possible. If the iframe loads an external site, you cannot control the document inside of it from javascript, because of security restrictions. –  bfavaretto Oct 17 '12 at 15:21
@bfavaretto I am not native English guys so I rewrite the question again, Check once more if this worked for you. –  user17182377182122092121021929 Oct 17 '12 at 15:29
Thanks! I voted to reopen the question. Please clarify this: does the iframe redirects the whole browser window, or just the iframe content itself? If it's the parent window, you may be able to use onbeforeunload to intercept the redirect. Otherwise, I'm afraid there's nothing you can do. As I said, you cannot control iframed content from a different site with javascript. –  bfavaretto Oct 17 '12 at 15:34

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