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I want to use either a value of expected property of a specified default. How to achieve this in groovy?

Let's look at the example:

def printName(object) {
   //if object has initialized property 'name' - print 'name', otherwise print ToString
   if (object<some code here>name && {
   } else {
      print object
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You can use hasProperty. Example:

if (object.hasProperty('name') && {
} else {
    println object

If you're using a variable for the property name, you can use this:

String propName = 'name'
if (object.hasProperty(propName) && object."$propName") {
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+1 Better than mine... I shouldn't have started from the metaClass ;-) – tim_yates Oct 17 '12 at 15:25
#hasProperty actually returns a MetaProperty, so you can also do something like object.hasProperty(propName)?.getProperty(object) ?: defval – Justin Piper Oct 18 '12 at 3:23

Assuming your object is a Groovy class, you can use hasProperty in the object metaClass like so:

def printName( o ) {
  if( o.metaClass.hasProperty( o, 'name' ) && ) {
    println "Printing Name : $"
  else {
    println o

So, then given two classes:

class Named {
  String name
  int age

  String toString() { "toString Named:$name/$age" }

class Unnamed {
  int age

  String toString() { "toString Unnamed:$age" }

You can create instance of them, and test:

def a = new Named( name: 'tim', age: 21 )
def b = new Unnamed( age: 32 )

printName( a )
printName( b )

Which should output:

Printing Name : tim
toString Unnamed:32
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Thanks Tim, why do I have to access the class property from the metaclass and not in the ordinary way(i.e. object.hasProperty('name'))? – Alexander Suraphel May 27 '14 at 11:36

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