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Let's say I want to create a search form & using chosen jQuery multiple select

I'll use $_GET to keep the query for pagination. Example my select form

<select name="q[]" data-placeholder="Please Select" multiple>
   <optgroup label="Choose a Location">
   <option value="l_1">Location A</option> 
   <option value="l_2">Location A</option> 
   <optgroup label="Choose a Type">
   <option value="t_1">Type A</option> 
   <option value="t_2">Type B</option> 
   <optgroup label="Choose a Room">
   <option value="r_1">Room A</option> 
   <option value="r_2">Room B</option> 

The URL query http:/domain.com/search/?q[]=l_1&q[]=t_1&q[]=t_2&q[]=r_1&q[]=r_2

There have a another option how should the URL will looks like?

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You appear to have three different questions there. Why are you using a single input? This looks like a job for three radio groups, not one select. –  Quentin Oct 17 '12 at 15:49

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There have a another option how should the URL will looks like?

No. The generated URL will be field_name=value, and that will be duplicated for each value.

This is how forms work. Browsers know how to generate them. Server side form data parsers know how to process them.

URLs are tools. They don't need to be works of art. Especially when they are being generated from user input.

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If I convert the queries into serialize it's good? –  Unknown Error Oct 17 '12 at 16:36
I think you are asking "If I use jQuery's form.serialize() method, will that work?". If so, then yes, it will generate the same URI as a normal form submission. –  Quentin Oct 17 '12 at 16:37

GET will use the name of your element, which is p[]. If you don't like the square brackets, take them out.


You can, if desired, use Friendly URL Rewriting to make your links look more pleasing (and better for your SEO performance). I'm not certain how useful that'll be on a search page...

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The [] turn the GET variable into an array (at least in PHP), if you remove them, you will only get the value of the last q value (again, at least in PHP). –  Rocket Hazmat Oct 17 '12 at 15:37

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