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How can I detect if a partial is currently displaying while in javascript?

So using semi pseudo-code and trying to be as simplistic as possible to get my intent across,

In my controller I have:

def index
    if (request.xhr?)//coming from pagination ajax request
        @sessions = Session.paginate(.......)
        if @sessions.empty?
            render: partial => 'nomoresessions'
            render: partial => 'sessions'
    else//standard request to display
        @sessions = Session.paginate(.....)


In my javascript:

function doCheck(){
  var canContinuePaginating = true;
  if (nomoresessions partial was inserted){//<--- This is what I need to figure out
      canContinuePaginating = false;
  if (canContinuePaginating){
      //do stuff


In case anyone is wondering why I need this, I am appending rows to the bottom of a table via a partial and using pagination as the user scrolls and once I have reached the bottom I want to append some kind of visual indicator to indicate we are at the bottom of the list via a nomoresesssions partial. Then, if the user keeps trying to scroll, I would like to detect via javascript that the nomoresesssions partial is currently displaying and therefore don't attempt to paginate anymore.

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The one easy way that I could think of is that you might want to add some class or id to your 'nomoresessions' partial, something like

<li class="end-of-list">
  <img src="end.png" />

Then in your doCheck you can do:

function doCheck(){
  var canContinuePaginating = true;
  if ($('ul.content .end-of-list').length) {
    canContinuePaginating = false;
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This didn't work for me. Not sure why. The partial is being inserted and displayed. I keep getting $('ul.content .end-of-list').length = 0 –  snowleopard Oct 17 '12 at 16:24

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