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I'm developing a php application using CodeIgniter2, this application resides in:


This application has its own My_Session library (extending from native CI_Session library). Well, everything goes fine here. But, I want to create a Portal/Frontpage at the root directory, for this porpusee I have installed another CI2 application:

 -community/  (here resides the another CI2 installation)

What I have tried to do is "share" the Session library from community to root using the method $this->load->add_package_path() from Loader class, as below:


The problem here is that the Loader class load the Session library from the root system instead package library (community/application/libraries). Did you know how can I deal with it? or if you know a another way to share the Session Library.


Here is where my session library resides:

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Well, I got with help of this topic: Session sharing between two CodeIgniter Applications. And the final snipped is:

  1. Add the application package


  2. Load the Session library from Root CI application


  3. Load the library from the application package (community). The magic here is that this class extends from Session class previously loaded at point 2.

    $this->library('MY_Session', '', 'csession'); //rename the object to avoid name conflict

Now, in my root application controllers I can do:

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