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I know this sounds strange but I can't get it. Here ( it says that a simple pip install pytest would work, but that only installs pytest-2.2.4

I tried going to and find it directly but all I get is pytest-2.2.4 (

Several google searches yielded no results except for the fact that it seems everyone has managed to get it except me.

Using Python27 on a Mac.

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2.2.4 is the current release . . . 2.3 is a dev version

There are instructions to get the latest code here:

I believe this should work as well:

pip install -i -U pytest

That's the answer from this question (and appears to be from the lead dev of pytest): pytest running scenarios in the correct order in the class

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Ohh...why would they use 2.3 as the example for installing then? In their installation site, when verifying that you got the "correct version", they use 2.3.0.dev21 as the example. Very confusing. – Nacht Oct 17 '12 at 16:03
@Nacht Note the URL you were using has dev in it. You probably wanted latest:; the URLs with dev in them are the ones that are currently being worked on. – ernie Oct 17 '12 at 16:04

pytest-2.3 has just been released, so you can get it by installing from pypi via e.g.

pip install -U pytest

It's true that the documentation was a bit confused - hopefully dev and latest will be more separate in the future. Note, btw, that the docs will see un-announced extra-released which have a version number like "2.3.0.N" which means that docs got updated but no code changed.

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