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I'm trying out the MoSync IDE (special version of Eclipse to develop cross-browser Android and iOS apps with HTML/Javascript).

It currently uses the standard SDK Android emulator which is rediculously slow. I found Bluestacks which is a lightning-fast android emulator.

I already found out how to use Bluestacks with Phonegap from within Eclipse (by using the adb connect command), but I can't figure out if it's even possible to test apps on Bluestacks from within the MoSync IDE...

Any ideas?

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This works on Mac, and I see no reason why it should not also work on Windows:

  • Start Bluestacks
  • Run MOSYNCDIR/bin/android/adb connect localhost:10001, where MOSYNCDIR is your MoSync installation directory
  • In the MoSync IDE, click the tiny arrow next to the Select Target Device toolbar item and in the dropdown select Scan for Android USB device
  • If properly connected, a dialog pops up with a list of connected devices. Select localhost:10001 and click Ok
  • To actually run on the emulator, select a project in the Project Explorer (usually the leftmost panel in the IDE). Then click the Send to Target Device toolbar item.
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