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I stumbled upon two odd characters at the end of a git ls-remote command and I wonder what this means?

0e4c39557ccb6789173c  refs/tags/2011-11-04
966f8df553f18c486820  refs/tags/2011-11-04^{}

Do you happen to know what this ^{} means? Also, why does this git tag seems duplicated?

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The ^{} notation is explained in the gitrevisions manual:

<rev>^{}, e.g. v0.99.8^{} 

A suffix ^ followed by an empty brace pair means the object could be a tag, and dereference the tag recursively until a non-tag object is found.

In your case 0e4c39557ccb6789173c is the tag object and 966f8df553f18c486820 is the object ( commit ) that it ultimately dereferences to.

From the git show-ref manual:


Dereference tags into object IDs as well. They will be shown with "^{}" appended.

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A more complete explanation can be found in this duplicate question: stackoverflow.com/a/15472310/83284 –  pedromanoel Jul 2 '14 at 14:23

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