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I am developing an application with node.js, express, couchDB and using nano to communicate with couch. I am using a jquery get request from client javascript. Using fiddler i can see that i get my view in the RAW result but the view is never rendered.


$.get('employee/'+customerId, function(data){


app.get('/employee/:id', employee.viewEmployee);


exports.viewEmployee = function(req, res){
    db.get(req.params['id'], { revs_info: false }, function(err, body, header) {
        res.render('employee/single', {employee: body});

Everything works with no errors and i get the 'employee/single' view html in the raw response. my question is why the view is not rendered? why is the html just sent back in the raw and how can i get this to work?

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I replaced the jquery get with: window.location = '/employee/'+customerId; and it now works, but i still cant wrap my head around why the get doesnt do the job – user782838 Oct 17 '12 at 17:15

Your $.get call is using a call back that isn't doing any thing.

from the jQuery api examples

     $('body').append( "Name: " + ) // John
              .append( "Time: " + data.time ); //  2pm
   }, "json");

Shows you how to do this.

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You are doing an ajax call.

try console.log(data) inside your $.get callback, are you seeing the html you expect?

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yes have get the html i expect but the jade view i have created is not rendered. I have continued with using window.location instead of the $.get and the application is behaving as expected now. – user782838 Oct 17 '12 at 20:44
use type: 'html' in your ajax call. – chovy Oct 17 '12 at 23:49

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