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I need to use the SAML2 SSO Authenticator plugin for SSO in GREG 4.5.0, AS 5.0.0 and ESB 4.5.0 with IS 4.0 M9 or if it´s possible with v3.2.3.

What P2 repo can I use? I have an P2 repo offline, a zip file, for 4.0.0 version but I cannot find this plugin.

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You cannot use 3.2.3 p2 repo with Carbon 4.0.0 based products ( Greg 4.50, ESB 4.5.0 etc.). IS features are not yet released. If you need to test the features you can get a p2-repo from this nightly build and try out them.


As IS 4.0.0 is released you can download the p2-repo zip file from here or you can use online p2 repo from here.

New IS release can be downloaded from here.

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Hi Shelan. can you provide a .zip repo URL with the lastest IS features? –  Jorge Infante Osorio Nov 12 '12 at 17:55
Hi, I have added the links in the answer. –  Shelan Perera Nov 13 '12 at 2:10

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