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I have an ios app in which I am already using Crittercism. It reports the exceptions perfectly.

My problem is that I also want those exceptions to be logged to my backend server.

I have tried a lot of things to make it happen but to no avail. Here are the list of things I tried:

  • Call NSSetUncaughtExceptionHandler(&myExceptionHandler);

If I do this, the exception is not reported in Crittercism.

  • Call NSSetUncaughtExceptionHandler(&myExceptionHandler);

Send the exception to my server. Then call the constructor of Crittercism in myExceptionHandler function and rethrow the exception. Doesn't work.

  • Call the constructor of Crittercism followed by NSSetUncaughtExceptionHandler(&myExceptionHandler); and in myExceptionHandler call [Crittercism logHandledException:exception];. Doesn't work either.

  • In my exception handler serialize the exception object and store it in user preferences. When the user restarts the app, call [Crittercism logHandledException:exception]; and then send the exception to my backend server. Problem with this was, I was not able to deserialize the string to exception object. I couldn't put the stack trace in NSString form into my exception object.

Some things I could have tried:

  • Let the crittercism handle the exception and then on next restart, crittercismDidCrashOnLastLoad will be called - but do I have the exception info present or can I access it from somewhere.

  • I may not need to deserialize the string to exception object. I believe Crittercism is also changing the exception into a json object and sending this json object to its servers. But I am not able to find out which functions to use to send a custom json object to crittercism.

Can someone guide me on how to proceed?

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I have found the solution to this. Firstly init the crittercism object using

[Crittercism initWithAppID:crittercismAppID andKey:crittercismKey andSecret:crittercismSecret];

Now define

NSUncaughtExceptionHandler* crittercismHandler = NSGetUncaughtExceptionHandler();//You have stored the reference to the crittercism function that was going to get called in the event of an exception


NSSetUncaughtExceptionHandler(&myHandledException);//Set the handler to your custom function

In your custom function, do whatever you want to do with your exception and then call

NSSetUncaughtExceptionHandler(crittercismHandler);//this will re-set the exception handler to the one of crittercism


crittercismHandler(exception);//This will send the exception to crittercism servers.

You can do similar things for signals.

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You could manage your own exception handling as we do. This page has a link to a sample project http://www.cocoawithlove.com/2010/05/handling-unhandled-exceptions-and.html

and this is also helpful Printing a stack trace from another thread

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