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I just started a new nodejs app, which will contain a notable amount of forms for creating and editing/updating database values. My question is: How can I repopulate form entries if the given data is invalid?

Example: Somebody tries to login. If the credentials are wrong I'm using something like the following to display the login page again:


Thing is, the username is not populated with the request data. I was wondering how to accomplish this both easy and clean. Since there is no form_for like in rails, I guess I have to implement that manually, right? My first approach was to bypass the request body/params as locals to the render function and set the value within my jade template like so:

// In controller/route
res.render('sessions/new', req.body)

// In template
input(type='text', name='username', value=locals.username)

Is there a better or more unobtrusive solution? I mean the example above works and is pretty easy to implement, just wondering if I missed something. This is also interesting for stuff like adding an error class to invalid form fields. Couldn't really find anything on the web.

Thanks in advance!

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I do it on client side with jQuery.

I use express-validator to generate an error map, this contains field name, original value, and an error message.

Then I just print that inside script tags on my layout template at the bottom of the page, and in jQuery I check if it's empty or not and loop through the error stack. Tagging the field as error and displaying original value and error message.

Here is express-validator code:


  req.assert('username', 'Enter username').notEmpty();
  req.assert('password', 'Enter password').notEmpty();
  res.locals.errors = req.validationErrors(true);


 <input name="username" />

<script>var errors = <%= errors %>;</script>

Client side javascript (jQuery):

    for ( var e in errors ) {
        var $field = $('[name='+e+']'),
        $el = $field.parents('p');

        $el.append('<span class="msg">'+errors[e].msg+'</span>');

The alternative is to do a bunch of if/else and echo statements in your view which can get real ugly, real quick.

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Hm, since I'm validating my data within models, express-validate doesn't really make sense for me, but thanks for the hint. –  Daniel Torress Oct 18 '12 at 10:03
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