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Webkit inspector is unable to tell me why my table cells are not obeying the width style. I can get them to either stretch to fit the entire line (by setting white-space: nowrap or to stretch to fit the longest word, but I just want the cells to be some number of pixels wide.

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Are you trying to do anything different that this question ? – Hisham Oct 17 '12 at 18:17
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First of all, check this out:

Fixed Table Cell Width


for fixed cell size (<td>) use:

<col width="50px"/>

before your


Alternatively, use:

<table width = 100>


<table style="width:100px">

To fix the table size.

The "break word" value for "word wrap" property in your css is useful in these cases:

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Try adding table-layout: fixed; to your table's CSS declaration.

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