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I need a program that will traverse a given directory tree on Windows 2003 Server (or compatible) and return Groups and Users that have access to each folder. I also need the exact permissions for each user that has access to the folder. The output should be a text file containing any usable format, csv, json or xml, etc.

If such a program is not freely available, I need a direction on what Windows functions to use to retrieve security information. I'm on Visual Studio 2012 and I already have the algorithm to traverse a tree structure. I need to know how to retrieve security information from a folder.

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Try the link below. It doesn't export it to a csv file, although you could modify the bat file to do so.


I just tried it and the output looks like this

i:\MyDirectory\SomeDirectory BUILTIN\Administrators:F 
                         NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM:F 
                         NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM:(OI)(CI)(IO)F 
                         NT AUTHORITY\Authenticated Users:C 
                         NT AUTHORITY\Authenticated Users:(OI)(CI)(IO)C 
                         BUILTIN\Users:(OI)(CI)(IO)(special access:)

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