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I would like to access(see) table(s) which lays behind MB1A transaction, can anyone with more experience can tell what is the exact name of table(s)?

Many thanks in advance!

Best regards, Adi

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I can't, but I can tell you how you can find out for yourself: Start transaction ST05 and activate the SQL trace. Then do whatever you want to examine, switch the trace off again and take your time examining it.

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Another convenient way of finding this data is using the “new” transaction SAT. This is an enhanced version of SE30 and is available from Netweaver 7.0, EhP2

  • Run Transaction SAT - Enter the required transaction and press Execute Transaction SAT
  • Execute the transaction as per usual, and exit when you're done
  • Click on "DB Tables" and you will see all tables that was accessed during your trace enter image description here
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