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  1. Hi,

    i have a european raphael map.Now I would like to plot points on certain cities in the map.i tried by converting latitude n longitude to plot points in it.But unfortunately it is plotting somewhere it like we should have world map to plot points??here is my code.

    script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8">

           $(document).ready(function() {
            var rsr = Raphael('map', '631', '686');
            var attr = {
                       fill: "#C0C0C0",
                       stroke: "#666",
                       "stroke-width": 1,
                       "stroke-linejoin": "round"
               var world = {};
               world.Portugal = rsr.path("56,0.133-1.32,0.527c-0.661,1.321-0.264,2.906-  0.925,4.228c-0.528,1.057-3.698,5.415-3.434,6.868c0.132,0.526,1.056-0.529,1.584-0.529c0.792-0.132,1.585,0.133,2.377,0c0.396,0,0.792-0.396,1.188-0.264

    c2.113,0.527,8.981,5.019,9.906,4.887c0.396,0,4.49-1.981,4.754-2.113C57.876,621.536,58.537,621.536,59.197,621.536L59.197,621.536 z").attr(attr); world.Spain = rsr.path(" M194.57,552.728c0.924,0.396,1.981,0.63.434,4.754c-,0,0.792,0 c0.661,0.133,1.453,0.133,1.849,0.528c0.66,0.528,0.264,1.717,0.924,2.113v0.132C190.74,552.066,190.476,553.916,194.57,552.728 L194.57,552.728z").attr(attr);

       var current = null;
                for(var country in world) {
                 (function (st, country) {
                   country = country.toLowerCase();
                     st[0].style.cursor = "pointer";
                     st[0].onmouseover = function () { 
                         st.animate({fill:"#808080", stroke: "#ccc"}, 500);
                     st[0].onmouseout = function () {
                         st.animate({fill: "#C0C0C0", stroke: "#666"}, 500);
                     st[0].onclick = function () {
                             fill: '#808080',
                             transform: 's1.5 '
                         }, 1000);
                 })(world[country], country);
      var cities = {};//here i define the cities with lat n long but both draws in thesame point all time
            cities.rome = plot(55.70466,13.19101,1);
          cities.copenhagen = plot(55.676097,12.568337,1);
            var city_attr = {
                    opacity: .3
            function plot(lat,lon,size) {
                size = size * .5 + 4;
            function lon2x(lon) {
                var xfactor = 1.5255;
                var xoffset = 263.58;
                var x = (lon * xfactor) + xoffset;
                return x;           }           function lat2y(lat) {
                 var yfactor = -1.5255;
                    var yoffset = 130.5;
                    var y = (lat * yfactor) + yoffset;
                    return y;           }
          var myMarker = rsr.ellipse(513.859,35.333, 7, 7).attr({
              stroke: "none", 
              opacity: .7, 
              fill: "#f00"
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Please mind the formatting, the code is messed up. I also doubt that the [raphael] tag is relevant, since you are talking about coordinate mappings which are not specific to Raphael.js in any way. – Qnan Oct 19 '12 at 9:49

The coordinates in which the map is coded seem rather arbitrary. If that is so, there is no [easy] way to determine the mapping automatically. I would suggest taking a bounding box of the vector image in it's own coordinate system and a corresponding bounding box in lat/long coordinates on a regular map and deriving the mapping from that, at least as a first approximation.

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