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I understand the whole membership approach is supposed to be easier in MVC 4. However, this is proving to be very time consuming in getting this to work.

Case in point: The example at shows a modification to the System.Web section of the web.config, namely that one adds the WebMatrix type to the roleManager section. However, I have no role manager section in my web.config. This is a fresh project.

What did I miss along the way?

Second, what I ultimately want to do is hook up SimpleMembership to my MVC 4 project, and have custom profile fields. And I need to do this against MySQL. I've read that the universal data providers allow for this, but does anyone have one simple, single tutorial on how to do this?

I really do hope that things really are more "simple" in MVC 4 than they were in MCV 3.

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SimpleMembership provider won't work with MySql - have to extend the ExtendedMembershipProvider and implement the methods, etc... to work with mysql/EF.

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