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How do I create a simple apache rewrite rule to rewrite:

http://domain.com/vanity to http://domain.com/foo/

Also can rewrite rules go in httpd.conf or do they have to go in a .htaccess file?

Thanks in advance.

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Put this in your website's <virtualhost>.

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^/vanity$ /foo/ [L]

The [L] will silently redirect, so the user will still see /vanity in the URL. You could use [R] to force a redirect.

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For httpd.conf, wrap 'Directory' tags around your rewrite rules. For .htaccess there's no need. It's generally considered more secure to put them in your httpd.conf however, so this is what I do.

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They go in httpd.conf. Check out the doc

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