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I have an array of ProgramIDs and would like to create a number of Select statements dynamically depending on how many ProgramIds there are.

For example:

  var surveyProgramVar = surveyProgramRepository.Find().Where(x => x.ProgramId == resultsviewmodel.ProgramIds.FirstOrDefault());

This is an example of the select statement working with a single ProgramId.FirstOrDefault(). How do I create a list/array of SurveyProgramVars and select for each ProgramIds in the array?

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It won't be necessarily optimal, but you might try:

var surveyProgramVar = surveyProgramRepository.Find()
                       .Where(x => resultsviewmodel.ProgramIds.Contains(x.ProgramId));
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You could try something like:

var surveyProgramVar = surveyProgramRepository.Find().Where(x => resultsviewmodel.ProgramIds.Contains(x.ProgramId));

Tip: If the Find() method does a hit on a database, would be nice if you create a specific method to to a IN statment on the query. If you does not do this, it will take all records on a table and filter it in memory (linq to objects), which works but not very nice. Your code could be something like:

var surveyProgramVar = surveyProgramRepository.FindByProgramsId(resultsviewmodel.ProgramIds);
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