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I use system stored procedures all the time, but always need/want to filter or sort the results of the sproc. I typically use a table variable for this, but defining the fields/datatypes for the table variable is a pain. For instance...

            spid INT,
            STATUS VARCHAR(100),
            loginname VARCHAR(2000),
            hostname VARCHAR(2000),
            blkby VARCHAR(100),
            dbname VARCHAR(200),
            cmd VARCHAR(MAX),
            cputime INT,
            diskio INT,
            lastbatch VARCHAR(100),
            pgmname VARCHAR(500),
            parentspid INT,
            request_id INT

EXEC sp_who2

FROM   @SpWhoResults
--WHERE  dbname = 'Yourdbname'
ORDER BY dbname

Is there any trick for getting the fields/data types returned by the sproc for quick creation of the table variable declaration for a specific sproc?

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possible duplicate of How to SELECT * INTO [temp table] FROM [stored procedure] –  Martin Smith Jul 6 '14 at 22:23

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