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I'm trying using Eclipse with the EclipseFP plugin to develop a simple application in Haskell using Fay.

For some reason Fay modules are not showing up in the IDE's autocompletion. For example, if I type import. and hit ctrl-space a list of modules appears but none of the Language.Fay.* modules are amongst them.

fay is listed in the build-depends section of my project's .cabal file, and the source compiles absolutely fine with GHC.

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Works fine on my machine (famous words, I know). This functionality is provided by scion-browser, so if you open the Haskell Browser perspective, you should see fay appear in the Packages view, and clicking on it shows you the packages. If you see nothing in the Packages view, scion-browser is not working or not installed, check the path is correct in the preferences. If you see other packages but not fay, have you restarted EclipseFP? I think scion-browser should update automatically when you install new packages, but maybe something went wrong. Bottom line: it should work, but maybe a configuration issue in EclipseFP is the culprit.

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