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 DirectoryInfo directory;
 public string Name {
            get { return this.directory.Name; }
            set { this.directory.Name = value; }

Hi. I have this code in c# . It doesn't work I get this error:

Property or Indexer System.Io.FileSystemInfo.Name cannot be assigned to -- it's read only.

What can I do ?

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What are you trying to do? DirectoryInfo does exactly what it says it does - gets you info on a directory. Are you trying to change the directory that it's pointing to? –  Dave Zych Oct 17 '12 at 20:00

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I can think of three possibilities:

  • Remove the setter entirely, making it a read-only property
  • Change the value of directory to refer to the specified directory
  • (Bizarre and dangerous!) Rename the directory on the file system so that its name is now as specified

Without knowing what your property is really meant to represent, it's hard to really say which of these options is appropriate, if any.

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Thanks for your ideas . Problem solved . ! –  George02 Oct 17 '12 at 20:24

Just as the compiler says, DirectoryInfo's inherited Name property is read-only. The expression this.directory.Name = value; is erroneous; you cannot assign to a read-only property.

To make your class' Name property read-only, just remove the setter altogether. If you want the property to be writable, then you need to figure out what it means to write to your Name property and carry out whatever logic is necessary to transform the object's state appropriately.

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DirectoryInfo.Name is read-only, you cannot modify it. You should remove it from your code. However, if you'd like to change a directory's name, you would write something like this:

System.IO.Directory.Move("oldDirName", "newDirName");
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