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I have an "AddressListBox" ListBox that contains "AddressDetails" UserControl items, as shown in the .xaml file extract below. The Addresses collection is defined as

ObservableCollection< Address > Addresses

and Street, Number, PostCode, City are properties of the Address class. The binding fails, when I use the "{Binding property}" syntax shown below. The binding succeeds, when I use the "dummy" strings in the commented-out code. I have also tried "{Binding Path=property}" syntax without success. Can you suggest what syntax I should use for binding the data in the user controls?

        <ListBox x:Name="AddressListBox"

                 DataContext="{StaticResource dataSettings}" ItemsSource="{Binding Path=Addresses, Mode=TwoWay}">
                    <usercontrols:AddressDetails AddressRoad="dummy" AddressNumber="dummy2" AddressPostCode="dummy3" AddressCity="dummy4">

                    <usercontrols:AddressDetails AddressRoad="{Binding Street}" AddressNumber="{Binding Number}" AddressPostCode="{Binding PostCode}" AddressCity="{Binding City}">

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You need to set the datacontext on the usercontrol to the item like this.

<usercontrols:AddressDetails DataContext={Binding} ... </usercontrols:AddressDetails>

Now your other bindings should work correctly as they are relative to the item.

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