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I'm making a mac app with wxpython, and when I bundle it with py2app, I get the "no appropriate 64-bit architecture" message. This can be fixed by checking "open in 32-bit mode" in the Get Info panel, but this isn't very convenient for people using the app. Is there a line I can add to my script to make it run in 32-bit, even though Python's default is 64-bit?

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Possible duplicate of:… – jathanism Oct 22 '12 at 0:31
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You can create a 32-bit-only version of the app using ditto:

ditto --rsrc --arch i386 dist/ dist/ will be an application bundle that only starts in 32-bit mode. As a nice bonus, ditto strips out the 64-bit architecture entirely, leaving you with a smaller application bundle (around half the size in my testing).

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when you install your program. This will start python with 32 bit.

This has to be run inside a bash terminal with optional super user privileges.

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