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Hello Stackoverflow community,

I am looking for a regex to match all image URLs (.png|.gif|.bmp|.jpg|.jpeg) between tags.

This is what I had:

var patt1 = /([\s>]|^)((?:http:\/\/)?(?:[a-z][\w-]+)+(?:\.[\w-]+)+(?:\.[\w-]+)*(?:\.[a-z]{2,3})(?:[^ <]+))+[?!.png*$](?=[\s<]|$)/g;
text = text.replace(patt1, "><img class=\"posted-image\" src=\"$2g\" width=\"330px\" height=\"330px\">");

Which works for the most part, but it doesn't match my URL of:

<a href="" target="_newtab"></a>

Could someone perhaps tell me what's going wrong (or just fix it for me ^.^), it would be greatly appreciated.

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It would be safer to make it an actual DOM Object, find the anchors, and read the text. Matching HTML with reg exp is bad. Please read this:… – epascarello Oct 17 '12 at 20:44
Except I can't handle the actual DOM Object though, it's just text that happens to contain HTML urls. – Lexsym Oct 18 '12 at 23:29

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