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I have Created one new column using Derived column Record_Type as (DT_WSTR,25)"" data type, Then I used another derived column to create my condition for Record_Type is PRDCT_IND == TRUE ? "PRIME" : "SEC".

Can it be possible to create both the thing in one derived column?

Appreciate your help.


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It appears you are trying to create a column with a conditional as the data that is defined as a DT_WSTR,25, so you could create it all in one step with the following:


first set of () casts the entire result to a DT_WSTR of length 25 second set of () uses the value of PRDCT_IND to set the value to either "PRIME" or "SEC"

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Thanks William... –  343 Oct 18 '12 at 17:58
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Simple answer: no.
You can't use the columns created in a component within the same component.

You'll have to add a second derived column component.

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