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I don't want to commit the username/password combo for an e-mail server to Git, as the source code is made public. Is there a way to change it on Heroku itself?

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The traditional approach for handling such config vars is to put them under source - in a properties file of some sort. This is an error-prone process, and is especially complicated for open source apps which often have to maintain separate (and private) branches with app-specific configurations.

A better solution is to use environment variables, and keep the keys out of the code. On a traditional host or working locally you can set environment vars in your bashrc. On Heroku, you use config vars.

Use the Heroku CLI’s config, config:add, config:get and config:remove to manage your config vars:

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As justified at stackoverflow.com/a/11667433/284795 –  Colonel Panic Oct 17 '12 at 22:01

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